Trusted Electricians in Bexleyheath


Bristone Electrical is a very trusted local team of expert electricians that work in Bexleyheath and the surrounding areas. Our friendly team are here to help you with all of your electrical needs, no matter what size – from new electrical installations to repairs and maintenance. We offer our bespoke electrical services to both domestic and commercial customers across the Bexleyheath area.

We have been operating since 2008, and have built a solid reputation with our loyal customers who wouldn’t trust anyone else with their electrical work. Another plus point is that we are right on your own doorstep, so can provide you with a very quick and responsive service, especially during an electrical emergency when you need urgent action to be taken.

Why you can trust Bristone Electrical

We would never recommend any DIY action where electricity is concerned. Electricity is an invisible element that is hidden away inside the walls of your home or commercial property. Even your consumer unit can be hidden away out of sight in a cupboard, leaving them exposed to knocks and damage from rodents.

Old wiring can be risky to your safety as the insulation that coats the wires will deteriorate and perish over time. Exposed wiring that isn’t hidden within a wall can be open to damage and wear and tear from the environment. This is why it makes sense for you to book our help so we can carefully inspect the condition of your wiring and ensure that it is safe and poses no risks to your health or life.

New electrical installations

Whether you are looking to replace your old electric cooker in your kitchen at home, or you are upgrading your machinery or electrical equipment in your workplace, you should ensure that your new appliance or electrical equipment is safely connected by a fully qualified electrician.

Bristone can help you with your new home appliances to ensure they are properly connected. We will check the condition of the wiring and ensure that there are no faults in your system that may cause power-cut outs or potential damage to your new electrical appliance.

Should we find any electrical issues during our inspection and testing, we can report this to you along with the most cost-effective way to remedy the issue. This may include a repair or partial rewire of your system to the source of where the fault has been tracked down and located.

When was the last time your electrics were tested?

Your electrical system should be tested regularly to ensure your continued safety. Many people don’t know how often they need to get their electrics inspected and tested, so here is our handy guide to how often you should have your electrical system inspected, tested and serviced:

  • 1 year for a swimming pool
  • 10 years for an owner-occupied home
  • 3 years for a caravan
  • 5 years for a rented home

For a landlord with an newly purchased property that they wish to let out, they should book a thorough inspection of the electrical wiring and any electrical appliances that will be included in the let, such as an electric cooker, as well as hard-wired smoke alarms and Co2 Detectors.