If you have decided to visit a private dentist in Rugby, then Dr Janine Sohota offers a comprehensive range of high-quality general, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry services. You can find out more information about each service offered via our menu.

Dr Sohota provided more than just dental care and the treatments that you need to maintain a healthy mouth. Her professional team offer a range of enhanced dental services to deliver you with a perfect smile.

You may think that going private for your dental treatments will be expensive, but private dentist treatments with Dr Sohota can be more affordable than you think! Our dedicated dental care team will agree to your dental treatments and costs before we start.

Costs are usually based on the type of treatment, materials used and how long the treatment takes. We will always provide you with a written dental treatment plan with expected costs factored in before we begin treating you.

You can talk to our friendly reception team about your payment options to find the most affordable option open to you.

The benefits of private dental care

One of the major benefits of choosing private dental care is that your dentist will be able to spend more time with you. Sometimes it can be difficult for you to have your dentist address your worries in a short appointment time that is normally afforded by an NHS dentist.

With less tight rules over patient time, a private dentist can spend more time with you at appointments and during treatments to allow for more discussion and explanation about treatments, their affectiveness and any aftercare steps you need to take.

Everyone knows how much they value the advice of their dentist about their oral health, so knowing that your dentist can spend more time with you to address your worries and explain procedures more thoroughly, it can leave you feeling more confident about your treatments and what to expect.

Improved oral health and overall health

Being able to help our dental patients better understand their treatments and helping to provide them with advice for after-care and preventative oral health advice is made much easier when you go private.

We also find that when our patients can visit us regularly for their general check-ups and routine dental treatments their overall health benefits too!

Our team take a proactive approach with our dental patients for their oral health and have more time at check-ups to look for and identify any more serious health conditions developing so you can get the early intervention that you need.

Our treatments include:

  • Aesthetic crowns (metal-free Emax/Zirconia)
  • Composite bonding
  • Cosmetic white filling placement (composite)
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Extractions
  • General dentistry
  • Icon white spot removal
  • Implant placement
  • Orthodontic teeth straightening using clear aligners
  • Smile makeovers
  • Space restorations (bridges, valoplast dentures)
  • Teeth whitening

Do not hesitate to contact Dr Janine Sohota and her team to book a check-up or a consultation for one of our cosmetic dental treatments. We are here to help give you the smile you deserve.