Battersea Power Station and Fireworks
Battersea Power Station and fireworks.

Since tech-giant Apple revealed their plans back in 2016 to create a new UK campus in the iconic setting of Battersea Power Station, much excitement and anticipation has been building.

Plans for the new British Apple HQ have been in development for a while, but there are now minor fears and concerns being expressed that their plans could be delayed.

At the moment Apple employs around 1400 people that are based across eight different sites across the city. However, the idea behind the new Battersea Power Station HQ was to bring together all of their employees under one state-of-the-art new location. Having all of their resources under one roof makes perfect economic sense and will also aid in raising efficiency and productivity levels.

Possible contingency plans

While it has been announced that Apple are only in the very early stages of talks with their current property managers, as well as other property management companies with temporary options available across the city, it looks like they are laying down contingency back-up plans in the event of any development or construction delays at Battersea Power Station.

In a report to The Times newspaper, Apple say that they are simply researching their options for a “just in case” measure should the plans for their new headquarters be delayed beyond their original planned completion date of December 2020.

As part of their contingency plans they would be looking at possibly negotiating extended leases for their currently rented property that already house many Apple staff, as well as looking for viable temporary bases to relocate staff to temporarily as a safeguard to ensure their continued high level of service and productivity.

Battersea Power Station Development

The Battersea Power Station Development Company that is charged with Apple’s redevelopment project say that they have every confidence of handing over the building at the end of 2020. Confidence is running high within the construction company that the major refit and conversion project will be delivered on time and on budget, despite them admitting that the Apple fit-out is a big undertaking.

Once the new Apple headquarters are complete, it will mark quite a milestone in the company’s  history. The new UK campus will be set within the very iconic Battersea Power Station building, and will cover 500,000-square-feet and will span six floors of the building. It is estimated that the new Apple campus will house around 1,400 staff that will be relocated from other locations currently being rented across London.

When the plans for the groundbreaking conversion were revealed in 2016, it marked the project as Apple becoming the largest tenant of the iconic building. However, despite Apple becoming the dominant presence at the power station, the company will still be sharing some common space with other planned developments, including new homes, shops, offices and leisure facilities.