Electrician Dartford

When you are looking for a local trusted team of electrical engineers, then look no further that the Electrical team!

Our small and friendly team of fully-qualified and experienced electricians are here to help. We cover large parts of the South East including Dartford and  the surrounding area. We offer our professional electrical services to both residential customers, landlords and local businesses.

Why choose a national company for your electrical needs when you have Bristone Electrical right on your own doorstep? We have a proven track record and excellent customer satisfaction and positive feedback. When you need a trustworthy electrical company, then Bristone are here for you.

Electrical testing, repair and maintenance services

When you are buying a new home in the Dartford area, you may wonder exactly how old the wiring in your new home actually is. This is a great time to call us in to have your wiring properly inspected and tested.

Our fully qualified team of experienced electrical engineers are very used to testing, repairing and rewiring domestic properties as well as commercial premises and landlord properties.

It is especially important for landlords and commercial business premises owners to comply with all current Health & Safety regulations with regards to their electrical safety. We can fully inspect your electrical wiring system and appliances and detect if there are any faults or potential risks present.

We can then recommend a course of action to make your wiring safe and can conduct any repairs, partial rewires or full rewires that you need to ensure your property complies with all current Health and Safety legalisation.

Electrical Service and Maintenance

For commercial properties and landlords, we can set up a regular inspection, testing and maintenance schedule so that you can be rest assured your property will be kept up to date and fully functional, and most importantly – kept safe for your employees or tenants.

**Note: Wiring that is over 30 years old may need replacing as the protective insulation that coats the wiring may have started to disintegrate and crumble away, leaving your wiring exposed. This then becomes a potential fire risk within your property, but also carries a risk of electrocution for anyone using the system.**

Why leave it to chance? If you are unsure about the state or age of your wiring, then give us a call. We can get one of our expert electrical engineers out to fully inspect your electrical system to make sure there are no issues that could cause you any major concerns or risks to anyone on your property.

You should always ensure that you get any electrical work carried out by a professional company, such as Bristone, to ensure that all work carried out on your premises meets with current Health and Safety laws. If you are concerned about any electrical issues in your home or business property, do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs.