Structural engineers are hired by homeowners to focus on the physical integrity and design of any planned structural changes to a property.

They are hired for all types of commercial, domestic and residential building projects such as the construction of new buildings, tunnels and road bridges, but some will specialise in domestic and residential work alone, so homeowners can hire a structural engineer to make sure that their home can withstand and handle the loads and forces the structural changes will cause.

The help of a structural engineer is typically needed when there are structural changes needed to be made to an existing structure, such as a kitchen extension or loft conversion, or when a new property is being designed from scratch.

For example, when a homeowner wants to expand into their loft space, a structural engineer will inspect the home to make sure all load-bearing walls will be able to support the extra weight.

For a kitchen extension where a load-bearing wall may need to be removed, a structural engineer will be able to check the plans and advise about the use of alternative structural supports and correct building materials to ensure the strength and integrity of the property aren’t compromised.

Even if you are planning some seemingly minor remodelling or renovations to your home, it can be worth hiring a structural engineer to check your plans and examine your property to make sure the results of your building project will be safe.

We can also provide you with assistance during your construction phase by responding to technical queries and offer site support, where required. Do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your upcoming project.