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When taking on a significant building project in your home, whether it’s adding an extension or completely remodeling the layout and use of space in your home, you will need the services of a structural engineer.

Structural engineers are used to tell you how safe and viable your plans are. They will determine what proposed changes are safe to carry out, which are not, and what building materials you should use to complete your project.

Following the guidance of a structural engineer will enable you to carry out your building plans and ensure that your work is safe and structurally sound.

The cost of hiring a structural engineer will depend on your building project plans and the extent of the work needed to be done.  The most common reasons why people hire a structural engineer is for carrying out a building survey, to measure up for a loft conversion, and to check the integrity of a property.

As a rough estimate of what charges you can expect, most structural engineers charge between £50 to £90 per hour, with the higher prices tending to be in London. You may expect to pay more for a structural engineer that works for a large firm rather than with a small team or on their own.