Health & Safety Software

Every business owner needs to have in place sound Health & Safety policies and best practices by law. It used to be a very long-winded task to risk assess every aspect of your working environment and work procedures, then have to document them all in fine detail. These days of digital technology, we have been given the best tools to make these tasks much easier to assess and implement.

Business owners can now utilise many features on modern Health & Safety software systems to help them identify risks, formulate remedies and put solutions into action. Not only that, but your Health & Safety software is also capable of recording your health and safety incidents and actions and collate data to show you where there is an obvious weakness or area of concern that needs revising and new procedures put in place to help reduce risks.

You can also use your Health & Safety software to schedule renewals such as fire safety inspection checks or maintenance work – no more forgetting important renewal dates or expired safety licences!

Health & Safety training for staff

When you get a new employee joining your tea, they will need to have the appropriate workplace health and safety training for the job they will be doing. This includes the safe operation of machinery and being made aware of workplace hazards such as moving vehicles and the correct handling of hazardous substances.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ method of health and safety training for all of your staff members, so you can keep a checklist of the appropriate training necessary for each different job role within your company. As your new staff member goes through their health and safety training, you can tick off the sections that are completed. You will also have kept a record of when that member of staff completed their training so you can easily schedule in dates for when they may need to renew their basic training, or complete a new element of training that has been added since their last review.

It is your responsibility as a business owner and employer to keep your staff safe and look after their welfare at work. Should your working environment change for any reason, then a new health and safety risk assessment must be conducted and appropriate staff training implemented. This can all be recorded and scheduled using your Health & Safety software.

Choosing a cutting-edge Health & Safety software system can really help your company to monitor and avoid many health and safety risks. You can use the system to help you with trend analysis and data that highlights problem areas where risks of accidents and injuries are high, and also to monitor any new working processes you put in place, such as the introduction of new machinery, or a new shop-floor layout that may have hidden risk areas that you are not aware of. The data you gather can  be used to reduce workplace accident risks, ensure compliance and increase integrity throughout the company.

Who would use Health & Safety Software?

Your company health and safety officers or health and safety team would be the key people to operate this software system and maintain it’s use. They will be able to use it for Risk Management purposes to identify potential hazards in your working environment. They can then implement a contingency plan of action and carry out the necessary changes needed, while recording every step of their health and safety procedures.