We all know how important it is to replace missing teeth if we want to keep our remaining teeth and gums strong and healthy. Dental implants are a very common solution for replacing missing teeth that can help to stabilise the gums and support the rest of your natural teeth.

You don’t need to worry about the strength and reliability of having a dental implant treatment because although the implant is held in place by a tiny screw, it is made of strong titanium allow and will embed itself strongly in you jaw bone to create a very stable base for your artificial tooth to sit on.

The titanium screw is carefully drilled into your jawbone and then left to allow your body to grow new bone growth around the screw. Once this has happened, a replacement tooth can be fixed on top of the screw. Implants can also serve to provide support for other dental prosthesis such as removable dentures.

Natural appearance

One of the main benefits of having a dental implant to replace a missing tooth is that the finished result will look and feel just like a natural tooth. Losing a tooth either through an accident, injury or through decay or disease can actually put a lot of strain on your self-confidence.

We are all pretty concerned about our looks and our appearance can be an important factor at work too, especially with a customer-facing role. Losing your bright and healthy smile as a result of a missing tooth can cause a lot of anxiety, especially in social situations where you need to smile to prevent you coming across as aloof or even grumpy.

Tooth loss can severely affect your personal and work life equally, so dental implants to replace any missing teeth is a very viable option for most people. Implants look so real that other people will not be aware that you have them. This can be a great boost to a patients self-esteem and give them back their confidence.

Dental implants help to improve your oral health

As well as a remedy for cosmetic reasons, having dental implants can help to save your oral health from deteriorating.

Once you lose a tooth, your jawbone becomes unstable around the area of your missing tooth. The gap left behind will allow your neighbouring teeth to become weak and even cause them to move out of place or tilt into the gap. This can result in an uneven bite where your teeth don’t meet properly and can cause further issues such as jaw and facial pain, difficulty with eating and drinking as well as putting your remaining teeth at risk of becoming loose.

Restore stability and dental comfort

Having professional dental implants done at Glow Dental will not only give you back your perfect smile and help you to feel better about your appearance, it will also help to bolster your oral health and allow you to eat, drink and talk with greater comfort.

Glow Dental in Battersea are here to give your smile a makeover in more ways that one. As a leading provider of professional dental implant treatments, we use the latest implant designs and options that will best suit your needs and your oral health.