Teeth whitening is one of the most popular services that are offered by professional cosmetic dentists in the UK. It is always a wise to consult your dentist about having your teeth whitened rather than having it done at a beauty spa or by using a home teeth whitening kit that you can buy over the counter.

Teeth whitening can be hazardous if done incorrectly or if the treatment is repeated too many times. This is why you need to help and guidance of a professionally trained cosmetic dentist to guide your treatments and keep a check on the health of your teeth and gums at the same time.

Steer clear of DIY kits

There are a lot of teeth whitening kits available online that are sold for home use. While you may look at these and think that they are safe to use because they have glowing reviews from previous customers, in truth many of these products can actually be dangerous, especially if you are particularly sensitive to any of the whitening chemicals used in the formulation.

Even if you risk it and the product does work OK, you still need to be very careful because these kits can cause damage to your teeth and gums if used incorrectly or you over-use the product. In fact, home teeth whitening kits tend to be quite hit and miss and many users have suffered injuries to their gums and damage to their tooth enamel through using DIY kits, but they rarely take the time to complain about them.

Professional teeth whitening treatments in Battersea

You also have the option to get your teeth whitened by a professional cosmetic dental expert at Glow Dental, Battersea. Our team of dentists are fully qualified to provide whitening treatments and have years of experience and the latest up to date industry knowledge about teeth whitening developments.

Our team at Glow Dental know how the whitening procedure works and will be with you every step guiding you through your individually personalised treatment. We will also make sure that you dentally fit and healthy enough to be able to receive whitening treatments – this is something that you cannot establish if you choose a DIY kit or attend a spa for treatments.

Unlike unqualified beauty therapists or DIY kits, our approach is completely safe and we will make sure that you understand the safety guidelines that come with this treatment. We also help you to keep your white smile for longer with our personalised post-treatment advice. You cannot get this level of care from a DIT kit.

Overuse risks

The DIY route to teeth whitening can also mean that you are risking your oral health by overusing the product. Your efforts to give yourself a perfectly white smile may actually impact negatively on the health of your teeth and gums if you whiten your teeth too much or leave the product on your teeth for too long.

At Glow Dental Battersea, we offer a number of teeth whitening treatment methods that are suitable for different people. We can make the best recommendation for you after a thorough oral examination.