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We would all like to believe that our homes are left safe and secure while we are not occupying them. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case and especially in London, cases of house burglaries have been on a sharp increase.

With the current economical and political climate of severe governmental cuts to police funding and harsh austerity measures being imposed on the nation, this has taken a heavy toll on crime figures. As home owners wanting to protect their property while out at work or while away on holiday, this is an even greater reason why the demand for burglar alarms in London is also on the rise.

Domestic and commercial burglar alarms in London

It is not only London home owners that are wanting to add an extra layer of protection to protect their possessions. London business owners are also seeing an increase in the number of break-ins or attempted burglaries on their commercial premises.

Quite often a break in at a warehouse, workshop or manufacturing plant can result not only in essential and valuable tools and equipment being stolen, but also the wanton damage caused by some burglars who decide to run riot and set fire to the place once they have done thieving from it.

Damage like this is not only costly for the business owner to clean up after, but it can seriously affect your company downtime, which can impact greatly on your productivity levels and can lead to you not being able to fulfil customer orders or deliver on business contracts.

Burglar alarms for all situations

You can only rely so far on your door and window locks to keep criminals out. Career criminals and professional burglars know exactly where to look for weak spots in your building. This includes secluded windows and dark doorways what they can work on to gain entry.

First of all, with a high quality burglar alarm fitted to your premises, you will be giving an immediate visual deterrent to any would-be criminals that are casing out your building. Quite often burglars look for the quickest and easiest entry possible. When they know an alarm will be raised the moment they gain entry, they will have very little time indeed to grab enough valuable goods to make their efforts worthwhile. They know that they may only have mere seconds before their discovery, so a visible alarm system can be a very effective visual deterrent.

For business owners, this can mean the difference between losing a few easy to carry tools or pieces of equipment that can be replaced quickly and are covered by their business insurance, or facing the total destruction of their business premises through arson. This alone will more than make up for the low cost of having a burglar alarm fitted.