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It is quite eye-opening to know just how many homeowners are victims of burglaries these days. Home break-ins and burglaries are on the rise, especially across London. This is why more homeowners and business owners are installing new burglar alarms in London, or upgrading old alarms for more modern and responsive designs.

These days lots of Londoners are benefiting from securing their property against unwanted intruders and preventing them from entering their home or business premises by using cutting-edge new burglar alarm systems in London.

Rather than having a simple hard-wired burglar alarm that triggers when a break in is in progress, many people are turning to new technology where you can get an alert sent directly to your smartphone when someone has trespassed onto their property. This means that an intruder can often be stopped in their tracks even before they have gained entry to your property and caused any criminal damage.

Keeping your home safe

While 35% of household burglaries happen when a home is left unlocked, whether that be through a back door that was forgotten to be locked, or via a window that was left open, it will pay you to understand how criminals gain entry to most homes and recognise any weak spots in your own home that will need looking at.

Even when you are in your own home, to prevent anyone forcing their way into your home, it will pay you to fix strong door locks and door chains where you don’t have to completely open the door to check who is calling.

Fitting a porch light can help you to light up your front door and help you recognise any callers. A porch light alone can make would-be criminals feel really exposed and on show should they consider forcing open your front door.

There are professional companies that specialise in installing burglar alarms in London. It would be wise to get a free quote from an alarm company and choose an alarm design that is best suited to your home. A visible and prominent alarm box on the outside of your house can act as a very powerful visual deterrent to any opportunist thief or career burglar that may be casing the area for potential victims. They will see your alarm system and move on leaving your property untouched.

Protecting your premises

Good security lighting combined with a burglar alarm can be a very effective way to safeguard your external property, such as your garden, garage and shed. You may keep many valuable items stored in your garden shed or garage, including the family bicycles, expensive power tools and gardening machinery. You can set up a modern burglar alarm to also act as an intruder alarm and have an immediate alert sent to your smartphone should your alarm be triggered by prowlers walking around your garden or the exterior of your out buildings.

You can get professional alarm companies in London that will be able to fit everything from security lighting, to alarms and CCTV should your home need that level of protection. CCTV, security lighting and burglar alarms have been proven to work to protect thousands of business premises across London. You can get the same level of protection for your home, but can now benefit from much more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing systems that have been specifically designed for home use.