Health and safety software

It can be hard to know which health and safety software packages UK based business owners should be looking at for the safety of their company.  Everything your business does needs to meet with the requirements of current health and safety legislation and it is your responsibility to maintain a safe working environment for your employees as well as any visitors to your business premises.

Cloud-Based Health and Safety Software packages UK

Health & Safety offer business owners a cutting-edge solution in modular format that give you everything you need to keep your company compliant with current Health & Safety laws as well as help to provide a safe working environment for your staff and business visitors.

Developed over a number of years working closely with UK based safety specialists, Blue Lemon have engineered a health and safety management system that is not only very user-friendly, but also has the full back-up of a team of dedicated support staff that can assist you whenever you need help.

Our cloud-based system includes automatic updates and upgrades as current Health & Safety regulations are amended or new regulations are introduced. Our research and development work is ongoing and continuous. This means that you will not be sold a single stand-alone system that never changes or updates to meet with changing health and safety legislation.

Setting up a new Health and Safety System

The company developed this software solution with the idea to make it as simple as possible for new companies to create their own individualised in-house health and safety management system. Using our solution will take you from having no working system to full compliance with all current H&S legislation swiftly and easily through our very user-friend programme.

The in-built flexibility that comes with our health and safety software solution means that you will be able to use our system regardless of whether you run a small business or a large and complex organisation. Not only will using our system help you to become compliant but to also remain compliant – in a very cost-effective way when compared to buying an all-in-one stand-alone alternative.

What can our health & safety solution do for you?

Our cutting-edge health and safety management software solution is here to help you with tasks such as:

  • Managing and recording accidents, incidents and work related illness occurrences
  • Health & Safety reports detailing trend analysis for risks
  • Historical record keeping for all H&S documentation
  • Unlimited user access with set level access
  • Accident reporting and logging in real-time
  • Instant access to company Health & Safety policies and procedures
  • Reminders for certificate and staff training renewals
  • And more….

Full support and advice

If you are worried that your current health and safety system isn’t fulfilling your legal obligations, or you are looking to switch from an outdated paper-based system or stand-alone digital programme, you may want to discuss your needs with our team at Blue Lemon.