There are a lot of dentistry myths that have been circulating for years and we can all recall at least one dental horror story that a friend or family member has told us.

While going to the dentist isn’t exactly something that people look forward to, many common dentistry stories are based on myths and dispelling them will help you feel more comfortable about going to the dentist.

Myth: My teeth are fine. I don’t need the dentist

People simply choose not to go for dental check-ups because they believe they don’t have any problems with their teeth, such as toothache or gum pain.

The problem with this belief is that regular check-ups are necessary to help prevent your teeth from developing any problems. Your dentist can spot issues developing before they cause you pain or discomfort and can often treat them to stop them causing an issue later on.

Myth: I can just avoid eating sugar and my teeth will be fine

While you can reduce the chances of developing tooth decay by avoiding sweets and fizzy drinks, there is a lot of sugar hidden in other foods and drinks that can cause decay.

You may think you are being healthy by eating a lot of fruit and veg and drinking fresh juice, but the natural sugars and acids contained in these foods are just as bad for your teeth.

Brushing twice per day and chewing sugar-free gum can help to neutralise the sugars in your mouth coming from these foods and drinks, but having a regular check-up and a deep clean and polish with your dentist is still important to reduce your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease.