With reports from the BBC stating that over 1.45 million adults across the UK are now struggling to get an NHS dental appointment and a further 2 million unable to get an appointment with a local dentist, more people are now turning to private dentist services for help.

We at Glow Dental understand that a lot of people struggle with accessing dental care because it can be too expensive for them. Unfortunately, while the general public is entitled to access NHS care, the current system is heavily stacked against them.

Taking on new dental patients

Most dental practices that offer both private and NHS treatments can open and close their patient lists at will. Plus they don’t need to notify NHS England when they do so. This can mean many new patients being turned away from dental practices and others needing to travel many miles to access help from a dentist outside of their immediate area.

Modern dental practices, such as Glow Dental Battersea, offer a wide scope of services to our patients meaning that they don’t need to look elsewhere for specialised help.

Because we can provide everything you need from regular dental check-ups to cutting-edge surgical and restorative dental treatments, once you are on our books you will not need to go anywhere else for your treatments.

Glow Dental flexible finance solutions

It can be very reassuring for patients to know that they can stick with one dentist for all of their needs. That being said, our team at Glow Dental understand that sometimes your dental treatments can be unexpected or arrive at a time when your finances are tight.

Don’t worry! You are in good hands with us because we offer our patients a variety of flexible payment plans to help you to spread the cost of your treatments and reduce the impact on your finances.

For example, should you suffer an accident and have a tooth knocked out that cannot be saved, you could get a permanent dental implant to replace your missing tooth for less than a cup of coffee per day from a high street coffee shop!

Quick financial processing

You can apply for financing to cover your dental treatment plan very quickly online and because your application is also processed online you can get a decision in minutes.

This means that you don’t need to go elsewhere to seek out help and there will be no waiting around for days before you can access your dental treatment. We can book you in right away!

Your financial plan will be clearly set out and understandable. Our plans work on an agreed monthly amount that is taken on the same day each month, making it easy for you to budget.

Find out more about our financing options or contact our friendly team to talk through your financial options so that we can find the best choice of plan for you that best suits your needs. You will be pleasantly surprised by our low rates when compared to other financial solutions.