A lot of negative things you have probably heard about dentures are untrue. There have been so many myths generated about wearing dentures over the years that people sometimes cringe at the thought of wearing them.

However, our team are here to help dispel some of these myths and to show you just how much the science around wearing dentures has moved on over the years.

Myth: Dentures are only for old people!

This is such a common myth that simply isn’t true. While many elderly dental patients choose to wear dentures, there are lots of younger denture wearers. Many younger people will wear partial dentures and studies show that more women prefer to wear dentures than men.

As dental implants continue to be a popular choice for a tooth replacement solution, it is estimated that eventually more elderly dental patients will be carrying dental implants rather than wearing dentures into their twilight years.

Myth: Wearing dentures means you don’t need to clean your teeth

Here is another myth that people believe. Your dentist will never tell you to forget about keeping up your oral hygiene routine! Wearing dentures doesn’t mean you no longer need to take care of your mouth.

You should remove your dentures for daily cleaning. Ideally, you can soak your dentures overnight in a cleaning solution formulated for denture cleaning. You should also continue to brush any remaining natural teeth you have, or if you don’t have any teeth, gently rub your gums with a damp washcloth to help remove bacterial build-up and use mouthwash.

Myth: My dentures will last forever!

Unfortunately, dentures are not a permanent solution for tooth loss. Being fitted for modern dentures will give you the best possible fit for comfort, your dentures will be strong and functional, and your dentures will give you an amazing smile, but they will not last forever!

You will still need to keep up your regular dental check-ups so that your dentist can make sure your mouth is healthy and that your dentures are still a good fit. You may well be able to get anything from 5 or more years of good service from your dentures, but you may need to have them adjusted or fixed if they become worn or damaged in any way.

Myth: Dentures are uncomfortable

There are different types of dentures that you can be fitted with so it is worth talking to our team about which type of denture will be most suitable for your needs. These include mucosa supported dentures and teeth supported dentures. You can discuss whether or not a better option for you would be to have dental implants.

Most full mucosa dentures will include comfortable liners that help to cushion your gums against the hard plastic of the denture. These linings will wear over time and you will need to have your dentures re-lined should they start to feel uncomfortable.