Doctors are now discovering that tooth loss increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in people. Research scientists have now identified a clear link between tooth loss and developing periodontitis, leading to calcification of the carotid artery and suffering heart disease.

Researchers from Malmö University are now encouraging dentists to work more closely together with GPs and healthcare services to help tackle the rising levels of heart disease.

What the research uncovered

The main objective of the research was to look at the links between periodontitis, cardiovascular diseases and death. The data showed that older people with periodontitis are at increased risk of dying compared to people without periodontitis.

The study found a clear relationship between atherosclerosis and periodontitis and calcifications seen on X-rays over a period of 13 years were strongly associated with the onset of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

It was found that those with periodontal disease are more likely to have calcification of the carotid artery. The inflammation that occurs with periodontitis can lead to fatty deposits and plaque build up in other arteries of the body.

Glow Dental Periodontal Pocket Treatment

Some dentists offers a comprehensive range of treatments including laser dentistry to treat periodontal pockets and teeth replacement solutions to suit your individual needs.

Laser surgery is incredibly effective for removing infected tissues from your gums as well as giving you much less pain and reduced healing time following surgery. Laser surgery is much more effective and comfortable than a traditional scalpel and suture treatment.

If you have missing teeth that need replacing, once you have had had your periodontal pocket laser treatment then you can go on to choosing which tooth-replacement treatment will be best for you.

Dental Implant Treatment

One of the most popular and long-lasting tooth replacement options is to have a dental implant. The reason why dental implants are such a popular choice is that they are a permanent solution for replacing a missing tooth and are a lot easier to maintain than other options such as dentures and bridges.

Dental implants are also designed to replicate your natural tooth in looks and function. This means that an implant can help support the stability of your natural teeth while looking and functioning just like a real tooth should.

Don’t delay treating a missing tooth!

Failing to replace a missing tooth can lead to further health problems over time. You could find your existing natural teeth start to become loose as they start to move to fill the gap from your missing tooth.

This can also open yourself up to developing gum disease and periodontitis. So no matter what has caused your missing tooth, whether it has fallen out without any seeming reason, has been knocked out by accident, or is severely broken and you need emergency treatment, do not hesitate to contact our team at Glow Dental.

In most cases where you have a healthy jaw bone and no signs of periodontal disease, a dental implant is going to be your best option for a complete tooth replacement.