Tooth fillings are very robust and made to last a long time. However, they can become loose and fall out. When this happens, don’t panic! Make a call to your dentist and book an appointment to have an examination and a repair.

It is recommended that you have regular check-ups at least every six months so your dentist can spot any dental issues early and remedy them before they become a problem. Your dentist will check your fillings during your appointment to make sure they are still viable and stable.

They can detect problems such as damage, gaps or uneven wear with fillings before they start causing you problems. Your dentist may recommend replacing old or damaged filling before they fall out.

Getting a new filling

Unfortunately, all filling will eventually need replacing. No filling will last forever. Should a filling fall out unexpectedly, you need to get it seen to as soon as possible. Delaying going to the dentist may result in you developing tooth pain or further damage and breakdown of the affected tooth.

Fillings can become chipped or broken through chewing on hard foods, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. Ignoring a chipped filling can cause decay to settle in and increase the possibility of needing a root canal or completely losing your tooth altogether.

You can book an emergency appointment with your dentist should your filling fall out. This is better than leaving it until your next regular check-up. Your dentist will set aside emergency slots for just such occasions.

Your dentist may take a set of X-rays to check the internal structure and health of your tooth and examine it to establish the best treatment. If your tooth is fine, it will be restored with a replacement filling. Your dentist will discuss the best filling materials with you, but normally this will be a silver amalgam filling or a white composite filling that will match the colour of your teeth.