If you are making pizza at home from scratch, then it is up to you how many slices you cut your pizza into. However, as a general rule of thumb, a 9-inch pizza is usually cut into six slices when purchased from a takeaway.

Small pizzas are considered to be between 8-and 10 inches and will generally have six slices. A medium-sized pizza is 12-inches and is usually cut into eight slices. A large pizza is 14 inches and will have ten slices.

When ordering pizza for several people for a party or get-together, these average calculations are good to know. You want to make sure you order enough pizza to feed all of your guests, so working out which pizza size to order according to the number of slices provided is useful.

What about a ten-inch pizza?

Unless you are ordering pizza from a national chain with very prescriptive and accurate sizes, your nine-inch pizza may be anything between 8 and 10 inches in diameter. Some factors can affect the actual size, such as the pizza chef under or overstretching the pizza base during preparation.

When ordering a nine-inch pizza from a local pizza shop or a national chain, you can usually expect a finished pizza that is cut into six slices. The amount of pizza dough used will be exactly the same no matter whether it arrives at your door measuring 8, 9 or ten inches wide.

Are two 9-inch pizzas bigger than one 12-inch?

This is another common dilemma that people face when ordering pizza for several people. Is it better to order two 9-inch pizzas or one 12-inch pizza?

You will usually find that ordering a 12-inch pizza is cheaper than ordering two 9-inch pizzas. However, while you may think that ordering a large 16-inch pizza is twice as big as two 8-inch pizzas, it is actually four times as much pizza.

Don’t forget that you need to factor in what each of your guests would consider a serving. You may work out how many pizzas to order based on one slice per guest, but what if a few of your guests think two slices of pizza one serving?

Ordering two 9-inch pizzas will give you 12 slices in total. A 12-inch pizza has eight slices, so you will get 16 slices when ordering two 12-inch pizzas. If you suspect you will have guests that will take two slices as a single serving, it may be wise to order two 12-inch pizzas to cover your needs, or one 12-inch and one 9-inch at the very least if you are also providing plenty of sides and dessert to eat at your get-together.

Are you slicing your pizza at home?

If you are ordering your pizza from a takeaway or food delivery service, you can expect a 12-inch pizza cut into eight even slices. But you could always request that the pizza shop leave your pizza whole so you can slice it up yourself at home.

This could be an excellent option for a finger buffet where the pizza isn’t the central part of your meal. You could easily cut a 12-inch pizza into smaller slices to serve as mini portions.

Cutting a whole pizza at home can also solve another common dilemma about who gets the remaining slices. For example, you can cut a 12-inch pizza into three generous pieces or six even slices to serve three people, avoiding arguments over who gets the leftover slices.