Health & Safety Software

Depending on your industry, reporting an accident or an incident can be a major undertaking with multiple forms to complete and a lot of time for the employee and others.  Then there’s the ongoing reporting relating to the incident which needs to be done by hand.  What is there was another way?  The answer to this is called accident reporting software and here’s the benefits of using it.

Simple to use

When you use a good accident reporting software system, it is simple to use, and teaching staff is an easy task.  You don’t want something that will take a week-long training course to learn how to use it for staff but instead something that is intuitive and simple to use.  That means seeing what kind of facets to the software that your business will need and ensuring the software has it.  Once you are sure, you will find it is easy to report those incidents going forward.

Simple to keep updated

Once staff learn the basics of adding an accident or incident to the software database, it is then simple for them to keep it updated or for managers to do this.  For example, if a member of staff is injured and has to seek medical attention, they can later add the outcome of this to the file.  And if there is a follow up with a doctor due to the incident, details of this can easily be added to the incident report.

Easy to track different accidents

In lots of businesses, there are a number of different accidents and incidents that can happen.  To be able to keep track of them all might mean a number of different forms and sub-forms.  But by using accident reporting software, you can easily manage all the different types of incidents in one place.  These can also easily be accessed again to update or add to the information and there’s no need for a massive filing cabinet to store templates and reports.

Works with investigative tools

Good accident reporting software can also work alongside investigative tools to help see what went happened.  This might be connecting with CCTV systems to look at what happened in an accident.  It might also mean looking for footage relating to a theft or vandalism.  Details can then be stored in association with the incident for future reference.  It can even include detailing items stolen and updating inventory software.

Makes it easy to make changes

Integrated accident reporting software makes it easy for the company to institute changes to avoid reoccurrence.  If there was an accident, management can look to see if a process needs to be changed or if it was a random event.  If there is a procedural change that needs to be made, the software can provide the information to showcase this to upper management as to why the change needs to be made.  The same applies to incidents such as theft – the software can help to highlight changes in security that may be needed to stop a repeat incident.