Fire Service

We all like to think that we take the protection of our home and family seriously, so this is why having a fire alarm installed in your home and kept well maintained and in working order is such a great idea. However, how far do you go with your plans for your fire alarm installation? Have you even thought about covering your garage too?

Please remember! Always hire a professional specialist for fire installation.

Many home owners will spend so much time thinking about the most likely places in their home that a fire could break out, such as the kitchen for example, that they completely forget about their garage and the possible fire risks present there.

Garage fire risks

Many people never think that a fire could start in their garage, but these days many garages are used for more purposes than to house the family car. Many homes are smaller now, so garages are being used more and more for storing excess clutter from the home. Sometimes this can include quite flammable materials that would enable a fire to take hold and spread further than it would otherwise.

Also, many families are now using their garage to keep electrical items in, such as a spare chest freezer, washing machine and tumble dryer. All these electrical items pose the same potential fire risk to your home, just as they would if they were housed in your kitchen or utility room.

If you do have space in your garage to keep your car parked, then you need to think about the flammable fluids that your car uses that can be a fire risk, such as petrol and oil. There are also many flammable cleaning fluids for both home and car use that are often kept handy in the garage that can fuel a fire.

Most fire alarm installation plans you map out will obviously cover rooms such as your kitchen and maybe your home office, or computer room or games den if you family have a lot of gadgets or play games in a particular room. Most people think that you will most likely have a fire outbreak in a room where there is a lot of electrical equipment or heating elements, so these rooms are the first ones to pop into your head. But having a fire alarm sited in your garage can be a real life-saver, especially if a fire starts while you are out of your house, or you are in another part of the house well away from your garage. A garage alarm could alert you of an early fire breakout that you could manage to put out with a fire extinguisher by yourself before it had a chance to spread and take hold of your house.

So, if you are in the process of planning out a fire alarm system for your home, spare a thought for your garage too – you will be very glad you did!

Remember though, that even after you have had your fire alarm system installed, you will need to keep it well maintained and in good working order for it to be effective right when you need it the most.