When there’s a new arrival in the family, most of the presents focus on the baby, which makes sense because babies need a lot of new stuff!  But if you want to do something a little different, you could buy something for the new parent that isn’t for the baby and here are some ideas.

  1. First picture frame

Those first photos are among the most precious and definitely warrant a special picture frame.  There are plenty of ideas including a wooden frame engraved with a message or even the date of the birth.  Metal frames with the message or date etched into them would also work well for this.

  1. Parenting books

If these are first time parents, then there are some really good parenting books out there that will help them feel a little less baffled and confused in their new role.  And even parents who already have kids would probably enjoy the reminder – some of these books are also quite funny and will give them a laugh in what can be stressful early days.

  1. Calming tea and a new mug

That stress and sleepless nights are a factor for most parents.  That’s where tea and a nice new mug enjoy it in can be a very thoughtful present for new parents.  From everyday tea to green teas and even fruit or herbal teas, there are loads to choose from.  If you know they enjoy a particular type, then go with it but otherwise look for ones that might help them handle life as a new parent.

  1. Scented candles

Scented candles are ideal for when the baby is asleep, and the parents have time to relax in the living room.  The scent of the candle can actually help you relax so choose ones containing real essential oils such as rosemary, bay, sage and other herbs.

  1. Chocolate

A gift box of good quality chocolate is going to be welcomed by most parents.  Not only is it a great treat to enjoy once the baby has settled for a nap, but good quality dark chocolate is filled with nutrients that can help you cope with the stresses placed on the body, especially that lack of sleep.

  1. Bath oil

This might seem like one for the ladies but there’s no reason the guys can’t enjoy it too.  A calming and relaxing bath oil is ideal to help bring out the aches and pains while in a warm bath and leaves you feeling restored and ready for what comes next.

  1. Baby journal

That first picture is an important milestone but there are so many things that happen you can easily forget the context of that photo or when that first step happened.  A baby journal makes a great present that the parents can add all of those little stories and notes into as the baby grows up and can be shared with them when they are much older as their own personal life story.