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Our effective health and safety software helps workplace safety managers and safety officers with various kinds of Health & Safety related management and data analysis.

Whatever size of operation you company has, you will have certain Health & Safety related compliances to meet. These can include health and hygiene, occupational health, organizational safety and risk assessment in the workplace.

By using a very effective health and safety software solution, such as the one offered, you will be able to stay on top of all of your health and safety compliances, compile data and produce trend analysis reports that can highlight potential risks on the workplace that can be addressed before a serious incident occurs.

How using effective H&S Software can improve your integrity

Business owners have a lot on their plate to manage. Not only do they have a duty to their staff to keep them safe in the workplace, they also need to boost employee morale and allow them to feel more safe and confident while performing their work tasks.

It is no secret that a relaxed and confident worker that is at ease in his or her working environment is going to be far more productive, focussed and thorough than an employee that feels unsafe and is very wary of their environment.

Word gets around quickly, so if you do not operate a safe working environment your company will grow a poor reputation for workplace safety. This doesn’t help to attract or retain good workers that are good for the long-term health and success of the company.

Fostering a good reputation for Health & Safety

By using an all-inclusive health and safety software system, you can allow your staff access to essential company Health & Safety policies and procedures as and when needed. Encouraging your staff to keep themselves updated in the latest changes to Health & Safety rules and regulations through easy access to your company H&S documentation is one area that can boost your reputation as a safe employer.

For your safety officers or managers, you can easily collate data from your records to produce analysis and reports that help to identify risk areas in your business practices or shop-floor procedures. These can then be remedied and have controls put in place to prevent accidents to staff or damage to essential equipment.

Flexible, modular software options

We understand that every business is different and that is why we offer a flexible and adaptable software solution to best suit your individual needs. Our flexible approach enables you to put into place a well organised Health & Safety system that will effectively track your various activities in the workplace.

You can easily manage all of your Health and Safety requirements by using Blue Lemon Health & Safety software options, including:

  • ACCIDENT REPORTING & INVESTIGATIONS: Report your incidents in one place, getting notified when there has been an accident and statistics to show any trends.
  • CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT: Manage all of your Health & Safety certificates in one place and be reminded when they are up for renewal.
  • DOCUMENTS: Store all your important Health and Safety Documentation in one place where anyone can access it.
  • EQUIPMENT CHECKS: Record all of your equipment safety checks and maintenance reports.
  • RISK ASSESSMENTS: Keep all of your Risk Assessments in one place, be reminded of when they need reviewing and keep a history of changes.
  • STAFF TRAINING: Record, schedule and report on all of your staff training requirements