Safety Software

Modern technology is helping to improve workplace safety by leaps and bounds. For a business owner, having good EHS management software and other useful digital tools to take advantage of can help you to better protect your workforce as well as improve your staff productivity levels and performance rates – which of course is fantastic for your bottom line!

In the EHS field, there is no doubt that the more prepared you are, the safer it will be for your staff and any visitors to your working environment.

These days business managers have a greater load to carry. They are not only tasked with improving the company bottom line, but also to help to protect their staff from risks of injury or death in the workplace too.

Avoid costly compensation pay outs

We are now living in a world that has a heavy compensation culture so what was dismissed as a minor accident in the olden days, and not compensated for, is now taken very seriously indeed.

Compensation claims against a company are not only very costly from a financial point of view, but also the downtime and disruption caused by accidents in the workplace can seriously harm production levels that can negatively affect your bottom line.

To help improve Environmental Health & Safety in all areas of a business, company safety officers are now increasingly turning to cutting edge EHS management software to better deal with their day to day management of health and safety in the workplace.

Automate your EHS systems

Using high quality software-based EHS management systems such as those offered by  Health & Safety can provide themselves with a tried and tested system that has been carefully developed and refined over time to deliver the best performance on the market.

There has been some quite dramatic changes in the EHS field over the past decade. Using cutting-edge EHS software solutions can enable companies to manage their Health & Safety data in the most efficient way.

The digitization of every day tasks associated with EHS management procedures has allowed safety managers to do more with less. Using a software solutions such as Blue Lemon means less manual input effort and less man hours to collate essential data to produce reports.

Using Blue Lemon EHS management software can help safety officers and business managers to do their day-to-day jobs more consistently and efficiently while keeping on top of all of their legal compliance requirements. You can now fully utilise your mountains of historical HSE data for insights that would be difficult or very long-winded to produce by hand.

Mastering risk assessments

Your EHS management software can enable your safety managers to prevent workplace incidents before they happen by compiling and comparing risk assessment data.

Risk assessments are just one aspect of Health & Safety software solution, but for your EHS it is a very crucial part of your duties to keep on top of and manage well to prevent accidents in the workplace.

Here are the key features of the risk assessment component:

  • Add actions for each hazard to reduce severity, likelihood and risk rating
  • Add control measures for each hazard
  • Create templates for common Risk Assessments
  • Download and print Risk Assessments in a PDF format
  • Log all hazards for each Risk Assessment
  • Log hazard severity, likelihood and risk rating
  • Record Risk Assessments by site and by department
  • Review historical changes to all Risk Assessments
  • Set review frequency for Risk Assessments