The power that your wedding videographer has for capturing those spontaneous moments of your wedding are beyond compare.

For example, capturing those first looks between the bride and groom when their eyes meet for the first time on their big day is priceless! No one could possible anticipate what reaction the bride or groom will have until the actual moment they see each other at their ceremony.

This is such a magical and precious moment where breaths are being held and heartbeats race – who wouldn’t want to capture this experience on camera?

The memories you can relive and the emotions that you can bring up from getting to watch it over again in all of its glory is so worthwhile that you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to capture it in action.

When photographs alone may not be enough

In the olden days wedding photographs were the only option for couples that were tying the knot. However, couples these day have the chance to have every moment captured in great detail and be able to soak up the sounds and the general atmosphere of the day using videography that still wedding photographs simply cannot match.

OK, wedding photographs are very important to most couples getting married, but to be able to watch moving footage of your events and be able to hear your wedding music and listen to speeches, laughter and the happy chatter of your wedding guests is going to be so much better!

Why you need to book a professional wedding videographer

With the advancements of modern technology these days, you may wonder why you would need to book the services of a professional wedding videographer.

The simple answer here is that booking a company such as White Dress Films will give you the trained and experienced professional you need to be able to be delivered with a truly magical wedding film.

Most modern camcorders and smartphones are not able to capture anywhere near the same quality that a professional videographer can capture and produce. We have the most cutting-edge sound and camera equipment that you could possibly hire and our technical expertise and knowledge of camera and sound recording hardware is second to none.

We use state-of-the-art film editing software that enables us to edit and produce a beautifully stunning wedding film of such high quality that you simply cannot get from smartphone camera footage.

Getting everyone onboard

One of the most valuable things about using a professional wedding videography service such as our is that if you wanted your wedding guests to contribute to the content of your film, we can organise a plan to record a few very special messages from the heart.

This can be a fantastic way to connect with your guests, especially those that you may have very limited time to spend with on your big day.

Giving special family members the chance to get on camera what they want to say can be priceless!

Don’t hesitate! Book White dress Films for your big day! Contact us and say hello! We are happy to discuss your wedding videography needs.