When you are filming a wedding there is a lot to take into consideration to ensure you actually capture some good and usable footage for editing. While your main focus will be on the bride and groom – as it should be, there are some other factors that are worth considering and getting right to get the best out of your efforts.

If you followed the previous 5 tips for filming a great wedding video, then you will have checked out the wedding venue beforehand. Here we take a look at some more things to take into consideration both before and during the wedding day itself.

1: The cinematic approach

Although we may all fancy ourselves as a bit of a film director, the main approach to take when filming real-life events such as weddings is the documentary approach. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to completely abandon all cinematic elements completely!

When you think about how movies are shot, you are watching the film from the perspective and viewpoint of a person that is present and listening. While most videographers will position a camera right at the back of the room, quite high up looking over the heads of the guests towards the front, why not instead try to shoot from the perspective of a guest. If the guests are all seated, go and sit with them and get some footage from closer up from a seated position. This is great for the reception when the speeches are given.

2: Move with the moment

Don’t be afraid to move around. While it is fine to hold the camera in a static position to capture the exchanging of the vows, or whenever anything more static is happening, such as speeches, don’t be scared of moving the camera to capture elements of movement when they occur. Move with the couple as they exit the church or wedding venue after exchanging vows. Follow the confetti as it is thrown into the air and gently flutters down over the newly-weds. Pan the camera to follow dancers as they glide around the dance floor at the reception.

3: Wired for sound

There is nothing more obvious or nerve-wracking than seeing a microphone attached to the top of a camera. A much more subtle and natural way to capture conversations and speeches is to use simple little audio recorders instead. Pop these little devices into the pockets of the speaker and clip a tiny microphone to their jacket or dress and you will get much better results.

You may be able to take recordings of environmental sounds before the wedding, such as crunching gravel on the drive, the rustle of the trees in the wind, the splash of a garden fountain etc. If this isn’t possible, you may want to take note of any background sounds you hear and recreate these later with stock audio to give your video more atmosphere.

4: Edit your film in story-telling mode

As part of your filming you should include plenty of B-roll footage that you can lift and edit into your video. This can be incredibly useful as you can use it to create a story of the wedding day and introduce the key characters just like you would in a movie.

You can edit in footage of the grooms-men and best man getting ready before the ceremony having a toast. A shot of the bridesmaids having their hair and make up done, sharing a joke and a giggle and maybe a glass of champaign.

Include shots of the driveway and gardens to introduce the wedding venue and maybe a panoramic shot of the reception hall all decorated and ready for your guests before they arrive. All these little touches add a sense of excitement and anticipation to the film before the ceremony is shown.

5: Add your own flair

While the wedding day is all about the happy couple, don’t forget that they want to see something unique and stylish come back from you in the form of their wedding video. Use your creative skills to edit together a piece that flows and tells a story. Don’t worry about the little things – did I get enough footage of the wedding guests? Did I remember to add great grandma Gertrude eating cake? You don’t need to shoe-horn absolutely everything in. Do what feels right to you rather than working from a list or copying the style of video you saw on the internet once. The happy couple will love the fact that you have added your creativity to the finished film. To find out more visit my website.